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Knowledge is the second


Our flagship service, Golden Space Training, is a comprehensive holistic program that integrates our extensive knowledge of health and well-being.

Golden Space Training is a transformative program focused on enhancing the connections between the body, soul-mind, and spirit. It aims to raise awareness and strengthen these connections to help individuals unlock their highest potential and become the best version of themselves. The program encompasses various skills and abilities across physical, mental, and spiritual domains, including pain management, emotional transmutation, mental clarity, and spiritual connection. Through a combination of online movement courses and one-on-one sessions, participants experience an expansion of consciousness, leading to greater integration of mind, body, and spirit. Ultimately, Golden Space Training empowers individuals to express themselves authentically and tap into their fullest potential for holistic well-being and personal growth.

Our full range of Services:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Biomechanics
  • Movement Integration
  • Posture Alignment
  • Pain Management
  • Massage
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Cupping
  • Gua-Sha
  • Dry Needling
  • Personal Training
  • Athlete Training
  • Weightlifting
  • Running
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Qigong
  • Meditation
  • Kung Fu
  • Weight Loss


  • Actor Movement Training
  • Contemporary Dance Training

Become The Best Version of Yourself

Client Reviews:

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Jarek is an incredible therapist with unparalleled knowledge and insight into the biomechanics of the human body. You will get a holistic approach which is beyond just your physical body. He creates a comfortable, safe space where you are listened to and are explained to throughout treatment. An approach and care like no other.
Jaro is truly one of a kind. After 15 years of almost continuous back pain I found Bodyharmonix. Jaro was able to see where my problems were stemming from (which were not my back!) and within weeks I was getting relief! He has a very individual approach which means varied methods of treatment. Jaro listens and works with you in both mind and body. I love the fact that each appointment is unique but always leaves you feeling better.
I came to Jaro in January 2023, plagued with 4 years of chronic pain. In a matter of a few weeks, Jaro taught me so much about my own body and equipped me with a mental, emotional and physical toolbox of various methods to deal with and relieve my pain which allowed me to go about my daily life more comfortable and less consumed by my pain. Jaro is a wealth of knowledge and experience, and takes a genuinely compassionate and caring approach to treating his clients and their concerns. I never once felt misunderstood or pressured, and after 4 years of previous dealings with gaslighting insincere allopathic doctors and physiotherapists, meeting and working with Jaro was a godsend. I cannot recommend Jaro enough if you’re someone who wants to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
What a legend
A life changing experience seeing Jaro. If you’re in pain and desiring your life to change I cannot recommend him enough. A very intelligent man, a master of the body I would say - he passes on his knowledge for you to become the master of your body.
If you care about your physical well-being - which is directly connected to our mental, emotional and spiritual health, you should definitely have a session with Jaro. He is very caring and respects that you are an expert on your own body. I recommend everyone to see Jaro, no matter how mild or chronic your issue is
I had almost given up on trying to fix my persistent lower back pain (I'd tried physios, pilates, Kieser, etc.) when I decided to give it one last chance and book a session with Jaro at Bodyharmonix. Now, a year on, my back pain is completely gone, and if I do get some slight tension I know why it has popped up and how to treat it myself.Jaro has not only helped me with my back, but with my shoulder/neck, ankle, etc. He teaches you how to treat your body yourself when it's sore, and how to build and maintain strength in a safe and sustainable way.I couldn't recommend him any more highly.
I have been going to Bodyharmonix for the last 9 months and I have experienced very healthy body transformations. My posture awareness, flexibility and ability to work on my body with the right tools outside my sessions to keep me accountable to ensure I’m reaching my potential at getting my body and mind back to alignment is a credit to Bodyharmonix’s and it’s “magician”.
Such a positive experience working with Jaro. The process he takes you through is life changing, from understanding what the issues are to learning how to treat your body. Highly recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
After a 10 week program I have learnt toe to head releases for any Myriad of pains and aches that may occur.I have started an exercise regime that needs little equipment or time that has already yielded better posture, relief from lower back pain and weight loss.Jaro has really helped me understand how the muscles are connected and the impact they can have on pain relief. If you have niggles and pain that others have not helped you cure, then Jaro may well be able to help. All you need is commitment to the exercises and a willingness to learn. All activities are followed up with an easy to follow app that has video tutorials for you use at home.
There is no one better in the business than Jaro from Bodyharmonix. I came to Jaro broken! My back had been bulged for more than 1 year - I had gone to 3 different chiropractors and it was always the same result. Good for a few days then back to square one. Since seeing Jaro he has changed my entire posture - my beliefs around my broken body and we have had a really good time doing it! Can't recommend him enough. Thank you so so so much brother!
I worked with Jaro for a few months and turned a chronic back issue of almost 10 years (for which I saw countless other people and spent thousands of dollars on) into a VERY mild back sensitivity, almost no pain at all, and I've been able to exercise and carry things and walk around freely. I feel like, in some ways, Jaro saved my life and my youth, and I regret not finding him sooner. As soon as i found him I knew he was different, because he asked me about my pain and listened fully and for as long as I needed to talk. He didn't have the arrogance of other practitioners that immediately tried to diagnose me without even listening, and even when he wasn't sure what was happening he didn't gaslight me about my pain or give up on me. I'm tearing up just writing this. He's multi-disciplinary, creative and determined, and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. Thanks Jaro.
Jaroslav’s refreshingly honest approach to mobility and a healthier lifestyle gets great results. He is personable and adaptable, regularly reviewing your progress and looking for new ways to reach your goals. Jaroslav is constantly challenging and educating himself and openly sharing his knowledge and observations with his clients.
I definitely recommend bodyharmonix. I’ve been to 2 physios prior and they couldn’t help me with my problems when I came to body harmonics I realise how many other problems my body had which sounds like a negative thing but it was a positive. Bodyharmonix helped me fix my hip problems and solve my arthritis in my ankles, which I don’t have pain anymore! They do amazing work that improves your whole body moment and I highly recommend the m after the success I’ve had with them
highly recommend giving this place a try . it definitely has changed my life ,the way I view exercise and human movement
Highly recommended. Jaro's approach has enabled me to live a relatively pain free existence in a short time frame. His treatment has made a huge difference to my quality of life. I had previously been to see many different specialists over a long period of time with very limited success. Jaro really explains what is happening with the structure of your body and develops a personally tailored approach to help rectify the pain, strengthen and support your body.
I was recommended to Jaro after complaining to a friend that I couldn’t find anything that would help relieve my pain and mobility. Initially I found his approach challenging, although it only took a few visits for the results to speak for themselves. When I started seeing him I had daily pain in my hips and knees, not to mention many concerns with my posture, and an inability to bend and tie my own shoelaces with ease. After only 4 months, I’m pleased to say that Jaro has helped me ease my pain and discomfort, and increase the awareness of my movement and my body. And yes I can now tie my laces and sleep through the night with no pain. And if I do have a flare up, he has educated me to be able to treat my discomfort. I cannot recommend him enough. Jaro’s passion and expertise is incredible. Thank you Jaro.
Jarek is a master at being able to determine the cause of your physical troubles. It is well worth it to visit him and make lasting changes to your body in a functional manner. Excellent work out with Excellent results. Thank you Jarek.
Working with Jaro has been an absolute revelation for me. My work is very physical and I had developed ongoing shoulder and arm pain. Through Jaro's techniques after only five weeks I am now virtually pain-free, have more strength and improved mobility. I notice that he treats people of all ages with a range of existing body issues. The work is wholistic, he seeks to causes of the problems and sets a course to correct them. I particularly found the initial muscle decompression stage incredibly beneficial. Most of all I have developed a new awareness of my body, I walk differently, hold my body differently, its been a real transformation thanks to his guidance and methods. I would highly recommend an initial consultation with Jaro for anyone looking to improve their pain issues, body mechanics, strength and overall health.
Jaro ability, knowledge and passion for his work, not only make the sessions enjoyable but provides you with the belief and drive to continue and look forward to the results.
Jaroslav is an extremely gifted and effective practitioner, using a variety of techniques to improve your biomechanics and eliminate the pain caused by imbalances. Diffinately worth a visit if you have any pain or niggles.
Can feel a massive improvement in my arm, Jarek uses a holistic approach not just focusing in one area. If you have pain its really worth going he will get to the bottom of the cause.
Jaro shows great skill and insight in diagnosing my body and what opportunities I have for utilising it better. The 'workouts' unique and I look forward to the results
Best physio and functional training I have ever had in last 15 years.I would definitely recommend it to others.
Jaroslaz is great. Since going to see him I've had awesome results. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review. You are dedicated and working hard.
I couldn't recommend Jareks services anymore highly. Iam an ex rugby player and am currently training in mma, boxing. I have had certain serious injuries for 5 years now and I have seen multiple physiotherapists, doctors and massage therapists in the past but none have been able to fix my injuries. I was limited in mobility and strength in my mma and boxing due to the pain and discomfort of these injuries. After the first session with jarek my aches improved immediately. He was able to achieve more in one session then others were able to achieve in years. As soon as I walked in and told him my problems he pin pointed the cause of the pain and how to fix it. I am now able to train boxing pain free thanks to him.
Response from the owner: Thank you Ben, it's been a pleasure working with you. If you're ever in Melbourne please give us a call on (03) 9191 0512. We'd love for you to see our new Centre.Wishing your the best of luck with everything.Regards#bodyharmonix
Don't waste your timing going to anyone else, I highly recommend this man as He has been the only person out of many specialist and thousands of dollars to get me to no pain in my lower back. My words can not describe how much better my life is without having back pain. So if you have any pain at all this is the man to see.
Response from the owner: Thank you Ben,I'm lucky and blessed to have you appreciate our Massage and Functional Patterns services. You've been a loyal customer from day one and I'm glad you've come to visit us at our new location in Brunswick. Thanks BenRegards Jaroslav at #bodyharmonix
Very professional and friendly service both from Reception girls andJarek himself. Jarek's knowledge and ability to what you need is outstanding. I am glad a colleague has referred me to him as Jarek is already making me feel better and reduce my constant headaches/ migraines.
Response from the owner: Thank you Ksenia,Cannot express how happy it makes me to know that our massage service has made a difference for you. If you're ever in Melbourne we're giving you 50% OFF everything.Best Regards #bodyharmonix
Huge thank you to Jarek! I am so greatful I found body harmonix, I was due to go on a holiday to Bali and had developed a sore neck shoulder and ankle a week before I was due to leave. Jarek helped fix me and I was feeling 100% better while we were away! I will continue to see Jarek to help me for future massage and personal training.
Response from the owner: Hey Katrina,I can only be as good as my patient. Really happy that the massage and the functional training helped you with your neck, shoulder and ankle. You are a really receptive patient.Thanks youRegards #bodyharmonix
Very professional place and Jarek is super talented guy with great knowledge .
Response from the owner: Thank you Ales,I really appreciate the support. I'm very lucky to have great clients who value the service.RegardsJaroslav#bodyharmonix #remedialmassage #sportsmassage #functionaltraining
I highly recommend Jarek, after only two sessions I had amazing relief from my back pain.
Response from the owner: Hey Rebecca,I'm very pleased that my our services had amazing results for you. It's every therapists dream to know that what they're doing is helping their clients.We've moved to Melbourne so if you're ever in town come down and say hello!RegardsJaroslav#bodyharmonix #remedialmassage #sportsmassage #functionaltraining #massage #fitnesscentre
Could barely walk into the clinic and have been in chronic pain for the past few weeks, after 60min of inflicted torture I am experiencing unbelievable relief, can't wait to go back 😊😊
Response from the owner: Hey Tim,Hope you're in tip top shape. hahaha. Thank you for the awesome review. Bodyharmonix moved to Melbourne :(Please keep your focus on your health and wish you the best of luck.RegardsJaroslav @bodyharmonix#bodyharmonix #remedialmassage #sportsmassage #functionaltraining #massage #fitnesscentre
Yarek delivered the best remedial massage I have ever had! I received incredible relief after being manipulated by him. He understood my issues, and not only provided the right treatment - he also suggested exercises to help treat my problem. Perfect strength massage. My only wish is that he move to Melb where I live.
Response from the owner: Hey Rebecca,Thank you for the great review! We've moved to Melbourne! 7 Cozens Street, Brunswick 3056.Can't wait to see you come through our doors.The best of RegardsJaroslav @ Bodyharmonix#bodyharmonix #remedialmassage #sportsmassage #functionaltraining #massage #fitnesscentre
I keep going back for the great service. Jarek is great at finding every knot and sore spot and massaging away the pain. Thanks!
Response from the owner: Hi Remi,Thank you for the your great review. Stay in good health and look after yourself.RegardsJaroslav @Bodyharmonix#bodyharmonix #remedialmassage #sportsmassage #functionaltraining #massage #fitnesscentre
Jarek was very thorough and provided a full exercise and strengthening program. I was very satisfied with my experiences with both remedial massages and gym work with him. Thanks heaps!
I can highly recommend Jarek's skills in rehabilitation. I have damaged nerves in my shoulder and have been diagnosed with Parsonage Turner syndrome - which just means the nerves are damaged and the muscles have atrophied as a result. I injured the shoulder in a martial arts manoeuvre over 30 years ago and was told it would not recover. The shoulder has frustrated my training ever since. However, dry needling, massage therapy and specifically tailored exercise regime has over approx 3 months, significantly improved range of movement and strength. I continue to make improvements. Truly delighted.
I cannot rave about this service enough. Jarek has been/continues to be an integral part of my fitness journey. Not only does he release and sort out any trigger points, but always gives me some relative exercises to strengthen and lengthen muscles. Jarek's deep tissue massage and knowledge has contributed to one PB after another in my CrossFit and Weightlifting training over the last 6-12 months. Highly recommend. You will not be sorry :)
After coming to Jarek with muscle pain in my back and shoulders, he has immensely helped reduce my pain using his different remedial techniques. He is very professional and caring and makes sure he can help you to the best of his abilities. I recommend Jarek to all of my friends and family.
I used to have lower back muscular pain when training legs due to progressive injuries and lack of stretching as well as power lifting. Jarek quickly identified the problems and gave me the appropriate exercises to correct and strengthen my problem areas. After just 5 sessions (5 weeks) my barbell back squats improved by 140% (literally 140%) and I am far more mobile than I was before. The exercises have been extremely beneficial and the massages are excellent. The rehabilitative exercises are so good I do them every second day to warm up and cool down. I have referred some of my friends and would highly recommend anyone else to see Jarek.
So sorry my recommendation previously was accidentally deleted! (damn google maps!)Highly recommended~ thank you so much! for all your PT and Massage across the years; healed up my arm after one treatment (look at me type like the wind now~), and for helping me to hone my lifestyle into one that is more nourishing and strengthening.
After spending two days in a hospital for excruciating pain in the lumbar area and being on high dosage of painkillers I saw remedial massage therapist Jarek. My pains were gone from 90% after the first visit and 100% relive was achieved after the second visit. This is what I call effectiveness!
Excellent and very motivating personal training !!
Dedication, honesty, care and passion are just a few words that come to mind to describe the professionalism of this business. Intelligent in both section ( physiotherapy and personal training ) it is a one stop shop with full of smile outcomes.Give it a go and you will see.
I can recommend this business to everyone. REALLY GREAT massage and exceptional personal trainer.
I highly recommend others to go to Bodyharmonix for massage and personal training! Jarek is experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and caring! He already has a degree in human movement or exercise and sport science, he is currently undertaking studies to become a physiotherapist as well!Wils.