In order to describe trigger point therapy we will have to explain a phenomenon called myofascial pain syndrome (MSP). MSP can be described as a combination of musculosckeletal pain, limited mobility, weakness, referred pain and clumsiness. Myofascial trigger points (MTPts), hyperirritable palpable nodules, have been linked to be a source and common cause of pain in clinical practice (Anudeep Saxena et al 2015). MTPts’ size can be from a few millimetres up to several centimetres.

Traumatic events, muscular overloads, psychological stress and systemic pathology can lead to development of one or more palpable bands in which a latent MTPt (latent means without symptoms) can appear. Latent MTPt if subjected to mechanical stress or other harmful factors could became active MTPt (active means with symptoms). If aggravating factors persist the number of MTPts increases. These are called satellite MTPts.

Trigger point therapy is a technique mostly used in remedial and sports massage in order to eliminate presence of MTPts in a muscle, tendon or ligament.

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